Kameleoon: A/B Testing and Personalization Software
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Kameleoon, founded in 2012 in France, works with over 500 corporate and enterprise companies across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific to help brands deliver exceptional digital experiences and products to their customers.

Kameleoon review

To highlight the benefits Kameleoon can deliver, they commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study and examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may gain by deploying Kameleoon’s AI-powered web and full stack experimentation and personalization platform.

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Strict GDPR and CCPA compliance

The Kameleoon platform does not gather or analyze any personal data, as defined by the GDPR and CCPA. 

The data is stored in their Data Centers in the US, Europe and Asia, guaranteeing that it will be processed in compliance with local legislation (GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA). 

HIPAA and PHI compliance

Kameleoon has a long history of handling and protecting data including Protected Health Information (PHI). They are able to enter into Business Associate Agreements (BAA) with healthcare providers. Companies that need to be HIPAA compliant can use Kameleoon for both A/B testing and personalization projects.

Transparency and Consent Framework

Kameleoon achieved approved status from IAB Europe’s Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) version 2.0, demonstrating that it complies with its advanced specifications and policies. Their TCF approval helps their international media clients to ensure compliance around privacy and consent.

Kameleoon features

In this video you will see a quick preview of the Kameleoon backoffice. You can use their smart graphic editor to create your variations or you can create your code-based A/B tests.

With code-based A/B-test you can directly inject JavaScript and CSS into each of your variations.

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A smart graphic editor

Kameleoon’s smart graphic editor reads every page element and intelligently gives any team member the option to change the copy, look, and layout in three clicks.  Save time, increase efficiency, and prevent mistakes. 

A library of widgets and powerful segment builder

Pick from their extensive library of ready-to-use widgets and segments builders. Make or code your own widget templates and add custom data to create specialized segments.

Simulate, QA, and share new experiences

Visualize your variations and changes exactly as you intend for your targeted audience before you publish them. Easily simulate and share changes with senior leaders and team members.

Predict visitor intent and segment with AI

Besides being an A/B-test sofware vendor with also a server-side solution and a strong offering in personalization, Kameleoon is known for the AI features in the tool.

The machine-learning algorithms of Kameleoon predict each visitor’s purchase or engagement intention in real-time. Specific variations or personalizations are automatically triggered using the Kameleoon Conversion Score (KCS™) system, ensuring the visitor is served the best experience with the highest likelihood of achieving the desired goal. 

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Kameleoon pricing and more information

Kameleoon works with pricing tailored to the business needs. It depends on the usage and the features needed.
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