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Sitespect offers A/B testing, personalization, and product recommendations solutions. SiteSpect is empowering businesses like Ahold, Swedbank, Mattel and El Corte Inglés to create a customer experience that drives revenue, reduces costs, and mitigates risk. SiteSpect’s patented solutions enable customers to optimize the entire digital experience.

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Choosing a platform
Selecting an optimization and personalization vendor could be a challenge. SiteSpect is offering an eBook which is provides a systematic way to assess your optimization technology needs. This eBook witholds the questions that every company should be asking their optimization technology providers.

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SiteSpect review

From client-side look and feel changes to server-side algorithm optimization, SiteSpect's patented approach allows you flexibility to optimize any part of your site or app.

✅ Multi-page experiences, checkout flows, signup flows
✅ Mobile apps, SPAs, React, Angular
✅ CMS and redirects without harming SEO
✅ CDP, CRM, DMP integration and optimization

SiteSpect is in the Flow of Traffic

SiteSpect is a user experience A/B testing, personalization, and optimization platform that tests strategic changes to your website, mobile site, and other digital applications. They leverage the power of personalization, omnichannel experiences, A/B testing, and multivariate testing by routing some (or all) of your traffic through SiteSpect.

When you use SiteSpect, it sits between your users and your server. When the user makes the same request, traffic routes through SiteSpect, which manages the request and response between the web server and the browser. This powerful architecture allows SiteSpect to support multiple user experience optimization techniques including client-side, server-side, redirects, and single page application optimization.

SiteSpect architecture

Single Page Applications (SPA) with JavaScript Frameworks

SiteSpect allows you to use any JavaScript Framework including React and Angular to A/B test and personalize your single page application (SPA). These options include both client-side and server-side techniques. SiteSpect can either tell your server which SPA library to deploy or it can deploy its own libraries using SiteSpect’s SPA SDK. The SPA SDK library evaluates and applies client-side variations using mutation observers and is fully supported by our Visual Editor. This JavaScript library is very lightweight (less than 5kb zipped) and delivered as one file.

SiteSpect SPA architecture

SiteSpect features

Flicker Free: JavaScript tag-based A/B testing and personalization solutions often show one image to the user and abruptly switch to another. SiteSpect avoids JS tags and delivers a better experience and faster site performance.

Browser Tracking Protection Immunity: SiteSpect is not affected by Safari ITP or Firefox ETP. Because of its unique architecture, SiteSpect does not set any cookies in the browser, causing no impact from browser security changes.

SiteSpect one platform
A/B testing
A/B Testing

Use SiteSpect's A/B testing solution to compare two or more versions of a page to determine which factors increase conversion and improve the customer experience.


Offer personalized experiences based on primary and secondary user behaviors. Use previous visits, in-session, omnichannel, call-center, or in-store behavior to create personalized and targeted audience segmentation.


SiteSpect’s unique and patented architecture, you can roll out and test full releases, infrastructure components, app frameworks, and individual services.


With SiteSpect, you can add product recommendations anywhere on any page without engaging your developers. Changes to location, type, size, and layout can be executed in a matter of minutes without a single line of code.

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SiteSpect works with pricing tailored to the business needs. It depends on the usage and the features needed.
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