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Zuko has been designed to be the most powerful form analytics platform available on the market today. It is powerful, flexible, and can track your forms regardless of how they are built technically. Below you can find information about how Zuko helps you understand web form fill behaviour and improve the conversion rate of your forms.

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Zuko Analytics review

Form Analytics is software that provides you with quantitative data to reveal patterns of behaviour in your online forms.

Zuko measures how your website visitors engage with your forms - how they interact with each individual element and question within a form journey, the order in which they interact with fields, where they abandon the process and which inputs they have to return to multiple times.

Easy set-up
Zuko is straightforward to set up and can be added to your site via any tag management system. Simply configure the forms you want to track and add two pieces of code for each form.

Works with every type of form
Zuko is designed to work with every type of form, from multi-step checkouts to single page apps and forms hidden behind logins. Zuko also tracks fields automatically as users interact with them, even if they are added during a session.

GDPR compliance
No Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is transmitted or stored within Zuko. The tool measures user behaviour and does not store user data. Zuko has an ISO 27001 certified Data Center. You will be using Zuko for understanding user behaviour, not for knowing what information the user enters into your forms. They don't track or store personal information, not even the IP address of the user - in line with GDPR regulations.

Robert Veldkamp
Manager Online Marketing

“Zuko made it possible for us to gain further insight into the behaviour of consumers in our forms. This gave us a lot of valuable learnings and input for conversion optimization. It’s probably the quickest way to improve your conversions!"

Addison Witt
Digital Marketing Manager

"Zuko was a game changer for us. It was the only form analytics software we could find that tracks data from Pardot iFrames. The depth of the data is impressive and easy to digest. Their account reps are very responsive and helpful. Overall, a great experience."

Steve Tarbard
Founder / Owner

“Zuko has enabled us to improve visitor to conversion rates for a series of clients. An example of this is a website increasing their click to enquiry rate by 25% through form changes highlighted to us through Zuko as ‘sticking points’.”

Zuko Analytics features

Zuko shows you all inputs and fields in your form along with helpful metrics that give insight into where users' struggle.

The tool allows you to search for and explore individual users' journeys through your form and it shows you what users do after interacting with a specified field. What we really like is that Zuko enables you to view hourly form metrics and then set alerts based on unusual movements in these metrics.

Field level metrics

Field level metrics

See exactly what fields users abandon.

✅ Examine where users have to return to fields after previously entering information, both for sessions that end in abandonment and sessions that eventually submit your form.

✅ Explore exactly how long users spend in each of your fields, and whether abandoned sessions spend longer interacting with particular inputs.

User flow visualisation

 Pick a field and see whether users progressed to another field, abandoned or successfully completed the form.

✅ Analyse whether user move to the field you would expect or if they are getting distracted.

✅ Identify the problem fields that users are being forced to return to after clicking your submit button.

User flow
Form alerts

Set form behaviour alerts

 Review historic data to give you context around unusual spikes or drops in metrics.

✅ Alerts are sent every hour if triggered, giving you near real-time visibility of issues in your form.

✅ Build mailing lists of people for different forms and different alerts.

Zuko Analytics pricing, more info & free PDF download

Zuko works with pricing based on the number of sessions tracked per month.
Costs are around 13 Euro / US Dollar per 1000 sessions, but you need a subscription for a fixed amount of sessions p/month.
All packages, even the 130 Euro / US Dollar per month include all features, unlimited forms and unlimited users.
For organizations with 50K+ form sessions per  month they have an Enterprise Solution including API access.
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