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Driving experimentation excellence and innovation in the enterprise has always been the goal of Effective Experiments. This is the worlds first Experimentation Ops™ framework and project management software for CRO. Based in the UK, since 2015.

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Effective Experiments review

We used to think that a platform, an organizational tool would help foster internal cultures thriving on experimentation and innovation. But over the years, we’ve seen it play out again and again in front of our own eyes. Just using a CRO progam management solution like Effective Experiments was not enough.

We've learned that improving processes, improving the way experiments were documented and the way information was shared, was nowhere near enough. Experimentation should be an organization-wide business strategy, with insights shared across all business units in a loop to continuously fuel innovation.

This is why Effective Experiments created Experimentation Ops™.

It’s not just a purpose-built platform designed to support gold-standard experimentation practices.

Experimentation Ops™ is a framework. It’s the glue that helps C-level, VPs, the strategy makers, and even different business units understand how to innovate using the insights gained from experimentation.

Experimentation OPS

It’s a framework that breaks down the silo experimentation lives in through training and coaching and workshops that drive change management at a core level. And it’s supported by a purpose-built platform that doesn’t just help you execute, but helps you share these precious insights from experimentation and foster a true culture of innovation.

Download the full 65 slides PDF presentation on the need for an Experimentation Ops™ Manager, for free.

Workflow tools

Just use the Experimentation Ops™ approach and not the tool?
Sure, you could use ClickUp, Airtable, Jira, Asana, or Notion to help organize your workflow. But then you still need to use Slack. And email. And Powerpoint. And Excel. And Google Sheets. And PDFs. And…

Because while there are many great project management tools, none of them are built for CRO workflows and experimentation programs.

Meaning you find yourself spend more time doing admin work, putting out fires and connecting the dots between data silos than actually managing and your experimentation program.

So if you’re just looking for another way to store data, any tool will do...

But if you:
✔ Want a 360° view of your entire experimentation program
✔ Want to increase the efficiency of your experimentation programs
✔ Want to improve communication between team members and business units across your organization
✔ And don’t want to waste another minute copying and pasting data between multiple tools
Effective Experiments Experimentation Ops™ is the solution for your organization.

Fill out the contact form for more information and a demo call.

Effective Experiments features

Effective Experiments features

Workflow & automation

No more manually cross-pollinating data between multiple tools. You can orchestrate your organization’s entire experimentation program within a single platform.

From organization-wide perspectives and high level metrics, to granular views filtered by country, business unit, or practitioner, you get the 360° view of ideas and experiments as well as research, results, and more.


Ideas & Prioritization

With all your research in one place, you can now easily generate experiment ideas and link them directly to their original source.

You can score and prioritize ideas in your pipeline in just minutes using PIE, ICE, and PXL industry standards — or by systematizing your own internal prioritization method.

You can also invite contributions from other business unitsand get your entire organization involved to help you keep a fresh stream of experiment ideas flowing.

CRO knowledgebase

If you have research, insights, ideas, and results scattered across 10+ project management tools, scaling your experimentation program is impossible.

Your Experimentation Ops™ platform helps you capture, organize, and store all your conversion related research in a single, complete knowledge base.

With easy internal search tools, you and your team members can easily find any piece of data they need in just seconds.

Query engine

Experimentation Roadmaps

Experiment Ops™ gives you a clear overview of your entire program — from pipeline to planning, to design, active experiments, and completed tests. As your experiments move from one stage to the next, the platform automatically populates your roadmaps for you, understanding:

✔ What everyone is working on
✔ What they’re planning next
✔ Where potential clashes exist
✔ And where there are further opportunities for optimization

Automated reports

No more time wasted creating lengthy PDF reports that garner executive applause but don’t get read. The Experimentation Ops™ platform helps you generate professional experimentation reports automatically.

So you can create short and sweet insight pieces summarizing key findings to share with your team, or longer, in-depth reports to present to stakeholders, without needing to gather and prepare all the information from scratch.

Program stats
3rd party

3rd Party Integrations

The Experiment Ops ™ platform integrates with a host of leading 3rd party conversion optimization and testing tools.

And while you and your team will still need to manually input some information, it means you’re not starting from scratch every single time you run an experiment.

Effective Experiments pricing and more information

Effective Experiments works with pricing tailored to the business needs.
It depends on the usage and the features needed. Fill out the form to request more information and receive the
65 slides PDF presentation on the need for an Experimentation Ops™ Manager for free