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Contentsquare unlocks the power to know - with near certainty - what your customers want and need as they engage with your business online. The Contentsquare digital experience analytics platform turns insights into actions, empowering you to deliver more human experiences online.


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More human experiences start with a holistic understanding of the customer. The Contentsquare platform provides rich and contextual insight into what customers want from your site, how they use it, and how they feel about the experience, from start to finish: from adoption to conversion, capture UX, performance and product and content insights across the entire customer journey, and at every touchpoint.

Insights from data means nothing if it fails to result in action. The Contentsquare technology leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and the industry’s largest ecosystem to capture and visualize insights at scale. Align the entire organization around a common understanding, and empower your team to make smarter decisions, faster. 

It’s never been more important for businesses to meet the evolving needs of their customers, and to create experiences that uphold basic human values such as privacy, security and accessibility. Contentsquare helps brands build healthy data relationships with their customers, and personalized experiences that respect a person's right to privacy.

2022 Digital Experience Benchmark report

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The North Face
Lisa Skowrup
Sr. Manager Site Experience
The North Face

"What’s great about Contentsquare is that the insights are visual and extremely easy to digest. It’s particularly helpful to be able to give the creative or leadership team a clear picture of pain points and successes — it helps secure immediate buy-in and significantly reduces time to action, meaning we don’t miss out on potential sales."

Giles Richardson
VP Digital Journeys

"Modern digital experiences are extremely complex, and knowing exactly what’s going on everywhere is very tough. To truly understand digital customers, you need to have a holistic understanding of their behavior - and achieve that at scale."

Craig Harris
Head of Performance Analytics

"Contentsquare’s unique UX analytics metrics are invaluable for drilling into page-specific behaviors and allowing us to surface actionable insights. We can understand how particular UX behaviors and blockers are impacting consumers on our site and pick the tests that are going to do the most good rather than the ones we think will make the most value."

Contentsquare features

Contentsquare provides leading digital experience analytics capabilities that power their product and enables businesses to understand customer intent, feelings and behavior and how to translate this understanding into business- redefining action -- doing so securely, intelligently and with the highest level of privacy. Check out the 6 minute product tour:

Customer journeys

Customer Journey Analysis

Turn a complete understanding of the customer journey Into action.

Visualize how customers progress through your site, page by page, from entry to exit. Understand behaviors, feelings and intent each step of the way and turn those insights into action.

Zone-Based Heatmaps

Visualize how users interact with each element on your site.

Visualize how visitors interact with each element on a web or mobile page. Combine unique metrics to tell a story about how your content, navigation and merchandising helps or hinders your customers from achieving their site goals.


Impact Quantification

Prioritize issues based on frequency and impact on revenue.

Prioritize which issues to focus on by quantifying the business impact, from conversion rates to revenue impact, of customer struggle, site performance, and experience on any page — all without the need for constant tagging.

Session Replay

Capture and replay every web and mobile customer journey.

Reconstruct an individual visitor session on your website or mobile app. Use this in combination with macro-level insights to quickly understand why a certain observed metric is happening or to confirm a specific hypothesis. Understand behavior and quantify impact contextually in the replay. Share these replays and insights with stakeholders to help speed changes and investments.


Form Analysis

Measure and optimize user interaction with forms on your site.

Understand how users interact with your web forms by automatically capturing every click, scroll and hover on your form fields. Detect frustrations by analyzing where your users struggle or drop off to easily boost form conversions.

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