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A digital experience platform (DXP) should make creating behavior-driven experiences simple, crafting sophisticated content faster, collaborating easier and anticipating customer needs possible. This is why you need Optimizely.

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Big Book of Experimentation
Without experimentation, companies can’t innovate; they can only guess. Optimizely provides a convenient and safe way to test hypotheses in production, with real users and measurable results, replacing internal opinions and disputes with actual behavioral data. Optimizely published the Big Book of Experimentation, where innovators, who have leveraged experimentation to drive business impact, are sharing the results of their experimentation efforts.

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Optimizely review

Optimizely is a digital experience platform (DXP) that manages the digital experience across a broad range of digital touchpoints. You can use a digital experience platform to more precisely target potential customers and create personalized user experiences. Some of the functionality found in Optimizely include content management, ecommerce, personalization, and experimentation. Read on to learn more about DXP's and the features Optimizely has.

What is the digital customer experience?

Digital Customer Experience

Any interaction with your customers via digital technologies is a digital experience. The digital customer experience encompasses a wide range of touchpoints.

The digital customer experience is about more than exposure to your company, brand or product. It's about engaging the customer with a personalized experience, often in real-time. It's about delivering a holistic message across multiple channels and devices, presenting a consistent brand image while taking advantage of each channel's unique advantages. It's about building a stronger customer relationship wherever the customer comes into contact with you.

Delivering an exceptional omnichannel customer experience is essential for the success of your business and should be at the forefront of everything you do, from marketing and sales to product development and customer support. Positive digital experiences are richly rewarded, with 86% of consumers reporting that they'll pay more for a better customer experience. Poor digital experiences have an equally negative impact, with one out of three consumers saying they'd walk away from a favorite brand after just one bad experience. 

Knowing the importance of providing a superior customer experience, how do you go about doing so? That's where utilizing a robust digital experience platform like Optimizely comes in.

What is a digital experience platform?

DXP Components

A digital experience platform (DXP) is a set of technologies that create and deliver messages across the customers' digital journey. A DXP must work across all digital channels, platforms and devices – anywhere that the customer is likely to interact with your company, brand or product. 

A DXP is a natural evolution of – and incorporates – a traditional content management system (CMS). Like a CMS, a DXP manages and delivers your content, but goes beyond that to track and interact with the entire digital customer lifecycle. 

One important feature of a DXP is its ability to serve a consistent message and brand image across the customer's entire digital journey. It serves up content from a central CMS and optimizes that content for each specific channel and digital touchpoint. It can also create a personalized experience for each customer, delivering customer-specific messages and offers based on previous history and other pertinent information.

When you want to create a consistent and effective omnichannel digital experience for your customers, you can turn to Optimizely. Ther DXP helps you deliver a seamless digital journey for your customers across every possible touchpoint. Their team of experts will help you better engage your customers while enhancing your competitive profile.

Optimizely named a Leader in the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms


Optimizely named a Leader in New Wave Feature Management and Experimentation 2021


Optimizely named a Leader in the IDC MarketScape: CMS for Persuasive Digital Experiences 2021


Optimizely named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™ for Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs) 2021


Optimizely features

Use Optimizely's Digital eXperience Platform to optimize across every experience:

Create content in minutes: do it all, all in one place. Confidently understand what content you need, author it effortlessly and expertly personalize it—from one platform.

Innovate experiences: engage with customers and predict behaviors from the comfort of your tech stack. When you need more, we've got the tools to move forward.

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Content Management
Content Management

Design compelling experiences
Editors express their creativity by making captivating content easily and confidently.

Create once, publish everywhere
Enjoy one source for content creation and distribution that powers all of your digital experiences.

Deliver content flexibly
Manage personalized content through another system using a headless model, or through Optimizely’s global cloud network.


Go from catalog to experience
With simple interfaces, powerful diagnostic tools and intelligent campaigns, you can align your brand with your products and customers.

Lower TCO with complete suite
Commerce matched with Content Management, Search, Experimentation, Analytics, Recommendations and Marketing Automation, lets you achieve more with less.

Watch AI increase revenue
Get better automatically with intelligent product recommendations and individualized experiences that lift order value.

Intelligence Cloud
Intelligence Cloud

Predict customer behaviors
Trust your findings, set goals and explore data-driven solutions to exceed them through machine learning.

Integrate and test instantly
Bring in data from any channel with one-click integrations and test your ideas with a harmonized data model.

Engage with everyone
Transform data into real-time customer profiles and engage one-on-one with customers from where they are.

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