A/B testing with Google Tag Manager

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Easy to create tests

  • Create a test within 2 minutes
  • Up to 6 variations
  • Unlimited pageviews

Quick to setup

  • Not a coder? Not a problem.
  • Only 1 line of code and you're set!

Powerful insights

  • Integration with Google Analytics
  • Easy to add custom goals

Awesome features

  • Pre-test & Post-test solution COMING SOON
  • Device targeting COMING SOON
  • Preview mode with quick switch panel

How does it work?

What is GTM testing?

GTM testing offers a simple and elegant solution to ab testing in Google Tag Manager. And it's free for unlimited tests and pageviews.

3 simple steps to start using GTM testing

1. Add the GTM testing code snippet to a custom html tag in Google Tag Manager (GTM). Fire this tag with the testing library on an event call call_gtmtesting, so that it runs only on pages you fire tags with tests. That's it, you're all set to create your first test!

2. Create a test and paste the output code in another custom html tag and fire it on the page(s) you want to run the test.

3. Publish your GTM container (always preview first!) and your test is live! You can also use GTM to schedule the start and end date & time for the test. Or use our advanced settings in our test setup at step 2.

About GTMtesting.com

Sharing our test library

GTM testing is a project by Jorrin Quest that started while working for clients at Online Dialogue.

The original idea was built by Simon Vreeman while working for Van der Valk. Later, I re-wrote the entire script and kept adding new & useful features as the team requested them. Meanwhile Simon continued work with Martijn Schijbeler on his version at The Next Web.

As more and more CRO experts start using GTM for testing, I felt it was time to share with the community.


GTMtesting is a project by Jorrin Quest by ABtestguide.